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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Not Fat Because I Wanna Be

Not Fat Because I Wanna Be
by LaNiyah Bailey
illustrated by Laura Perez Ricaud
Publisher CreateSpace
Publication date March 2, 2011

Young author/advocate LaNiyah Bailey writes a very moving story.  In a courageous manner she addresses the issues of bullying and childhood obesity.  She is an overweight young child, kids and adults at her school tease her about her size.  (The adults are less obvious, they say things like "Her parents must just feed her junk")  LaNiyah learns the hard way that the saying "sticks and stones..." is not true.

LaNiyah is afflicted with medical issues causing her to be overweight.  She explains this in the book in a very gentle manner.  She explains to the other kids how she sees a doctor, he takes blood and xrays to determine her illness.  Slowly, the other kids begin to accept her for who she is, not just what she looks like.

LaNiyah is a beautiful, courageous child.  To utilize her pain and embarrassment to educate others is an act to be commended.

LaNiyah recites a pledge that all kids should know "I am beautiful, I am loved.  I will not let what others say define me.  Bullying is not cool!!!"

Please check out the accompanying website Not Fat Because I Wanna Be  this website deals with childhood obesity and bullying.  There is also a link to purchase the book.  It can also be purchased on amazon .

This is an incredible book.  LaNiyah, you are an amazing child!!

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