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This is our new Mother-Son blog. I am Donna, (Mom), and Lucas is my 13 year old 7th grader. We both love to read and decided to create this blog to write about the books we enjoy. Lucas is very interested in science cannot wait to share his insights about the books he's reading and 7th grade.

Monday, February 20, 2012

YAY!  We were 'tagged' by Fairday Morrow 

Why? You ask?

Well, here's the fun part.

Fairday and Lizzie will ask us questions, and we answer and 'tag' others.


1) You must post the rules.
2) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3) Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
4) Let them know you’ve tagged them!


Our Questions for Those Tagged (We tried to make these fast and easy! 

1.  When did you start blogging?
   Donna and Lucas:  We started this blog last July.  Lucas: it was Mom's attempt to get me to read
     more. She's so sneaky..A book review is really just a book report in disguise.

2.  What is your favorite food?
    Mom: Spaghetti and Meatballs!   Lucas:  Mac'n'cheese

3.  What is your favorite book from childhood?
    Mom:  A book called "MAGIC ELIZABETH" by Norma Kassirir about a missing doll in a spooky
    Lucas:  Any of the PERCY JACKSON books.

4.  Best concert you have ever attended or what concert would you like to attend?
    Mom: Haven't been to a concert in ages, but I would love to see Yanni someday.
    Lucas: I went the other night to my schools talent/show variety show.
5.  PC or Mac?
    Mac- both of us.  
6.  Where do you buy or get most of the books you read?
    Mom- review requests, Amazon.  Lucas: Local library, Scholastic book club.
7.  If you could be friends with any character from a book, who would you be friends with?
    Lucas: Percy Jackson, no contest!!!  Mom-(swooning) Why Mr. Darcy, of course!
8.  Favorite holiday?
   Lucas- Christmas!  Mom- St. Patrick's Day (it's the only time we eat Corned Beef and Cabbage)
9.  A book you think everyone should read?
   Lucas- Stephen Hawkings "A Brief Guide to the Universe"  
   Mom- Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
10.  If you could have one wish, what would it be?
   Lucas- I would wish for a brother.
   Mom- I would wish for hmmm, that's a tough one.  I'd like to not worry about the bills each month!
11.  Favorite beverage?
   Lucas- Sierra Mist
   Mom- milk.

We will choose a few blogs and 'tag' them and ask our own questions.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sara Linton

I received this from author for an honest review
Paperback: 252 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (November 15, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1467907340
ISBN-13: 978-1467907347

Henrietta Bloom knows seventh grade is a special kind of torture—braces, a despotic teacher, her first crush. Finding a curse inside a fortune cookie doesn’t exactly boost her confidence. Her parents, two respected archaeologists, assure her that it’s a joke directed at them. After all, the curse refers to King Alaric’s lost tomb, which they are preparing to excavate. After her parents leave for Italy, Henri’s luck plummets. The queen bee hears about Henri’s curse and misfortune cookies are suddenly popular at school—fatal farts, bad breath, stink eye. More importantly, Henri is sure antiquity thieves are stalking her, her parents are missing, and her babysitter has gone off the deep end. Desperate to find her parents, Henri dives into the history of Alaric’s curse, seeking out a cranky archaeologist who warns her to stop. Henri guesses she might be digging her own grave, but she can’t quit. Her fortune is at stake.

This book is a fantastic story. I finished it in a day! 
The main character is Henrietta Bloom (Henri), a 13 year old seventh grader. She's an only child of two archeologist parents. She is plagued at school by the 'cool' girl who is nothing but a bully. Margo rules through fear and intimidation. Henri isn't afraid of Margo and this may explain Margo's dislike for Henri.

In addition to the constant attacks from Margo, Henri is dealing with her parents being kidnapped by a group of international thieves. 
The 'Golden Hand' is a group of thieves working with the artifact black market. 

Henri meets all sorts of shady characters. It's hard, at first, to tell which characters are good and which are bad.

This is a fast paced, fun story. Until the very end the reader is kept guessing about the characters. The end is left open for a sequel. I can't wait for the next book.

I rate this book: AWESOME and ENTERTAINING


I received this book from the author for an honest review.

synopsis (from Amazon)

Product Description

An Ivory seagull loses his Arctic home when his iceberg melts. He meets a friendly snail, Poco, who helps him on part of the journey. But, the seagull is afraid of the world and cannot find a home. He moves slow and cannot keep up with the other Ivory seagulls, earning him the nickname, "Slow Moe". As a result, the other seagulls shun him and force him off the docks. When Slow Moe crash-lands in a dark forest, he encounters a lost group of children and their puppy. However, a hungry pack of coyotes are lurking in the darkness. They keep watch on the group and prepare for an attack. Can the group escape danger and find their way home? Can they rescue their puppy who was taken by the coyotes ? And who will lead them through the darkness ? The story is an action-packed adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting to read the next page. Colorful and detailed graphics will make you feel as if you are in the forest with the group. Keep running! The coyotes are gaining on you!

A delightful tale that will be enjoyed by small children. Slow Moe is a marvelous character who is different from other seagulls in that he doesn't have their speed. He is shunned by the others and has to fend for himself. He is later aided by a snail named Poco. Together, the two of them crash land in a forest and help a group of small children get away from a pack of angry, hungry coyotes.

Sounds scary, but it really isn't. I don't think small children will be frightened. The wonderful illustrations will help tell the story in a way that will have children rooting for Moe, his friends, and especially the small puppy.

The Kindle version does not do justice to the illustrations. I used the Kindle app on my Ipad to read the story and appreciate the pictures.

I give this story 5 stars. I think it will make a terrific story to read to children.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

Michael Belmont and
the Tomb of Anubis

by Ethan Russell Erway

synopsis (from Amazon)
Product Description
Michael Belmont has always dreamed of leading a more adventurous life, but when it actually happens, he ends up getting more than he ever bargained for. Michael is sent to stay with his best friend Liam in Scotland while their parents conduct research at an ancient Egyptian necropolis. All is well until the boys get news that their parents have disappeared. Now Michael, his sister Abbey, and Liam suddenly find themselves in a race to obtain an ancient magical artifact that could be the only key to rescuing their parents- before it’s too late. Come on a journey with Michael and his companions as they unravel the mysteries of a medieval Scottish castle, get kidnapped by angry werewolves, and become entangled in a war that has been raging for thousands of years. 

318 pages


What a wonderful book.  It's a combination of Egyptian mythology, celtic lore and wonderful characters.  Michael, his sister Abby and Liam are three young children who are entirely believable and delightful to read about.  The story begins in a fabulous Scottish castle and continues to Egypt.  I could hear the ghost bagpiper piping as I read the story.  I encourage anyone who likes Indiana Jones to read this book.  It is a lot of fun for both children and adults alike!  I can't wait for the second book to arrive!  Free right now for Kindle