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This is our new Mother-Son blog. I am Donna, (Mom), and Lucas is my 13 year old 7th grader. We both love to read and decided to create this blog to write about the books we enjoy. Lucas is very interested in science cannot wait to share his insights about the books he's reading and 7th grade.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Summer Reading

Hi Everyone.  I haven't been here much over the summer.  Enjoyed my short summer.  

But I did read over the summer.   I read the 7 Harry Potter books, no I haven't read them before, and I read a great book for my summer reading project.

My summer reading book was Michio Kaku's Physics of the Future.  Amazing book!  Loved it!  

We read a new book in English class every 21 days.  My first book for this is

as you can tell, I wasn't kiddding when I said I love science.  I can combine two favorite things by reading science books.