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This is our new Mother-Son blog. I am Donna, (Mom), and Lucas is my 13 year old 7th grader. We both love to read and decided to create this blog to write about the books we enjoy. Lucas is very interested in science cannot wait to share his insights about the books he's reading and 7th grade.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Do you like the books of Britt Alcroft?

If so, we'd like to announce a new series of children's books.

Mumfie's Quest Book 1: The Beginning of Things
Join Mumfie on an epic adventure to bring happiness back to an island in great danger. 
Discover with Mumfie, new friends, mysterious events, curious places and a treasure 
beyond price.  Mumfie sets off on his magical adventure, meeting new friends, 
Scarecrow and Pinkey, a little pink pig with wings. Pinkey tells them of a strange island 
only reachable with the help of an amazing Whale. The adventure begins!

Mumfie's Quest Book 2: The Queen of Night
Mumfie and his friends meet the Queen of Night. Her island has been taken over by a 
Wicked Secretary. How can Mumfie help the island to be set free? More adventures and 
fun along the way!

Mumfie's Quest Book 3: Pirates Ahoy!
Mumfie must protect the Queen’s jewel from the Wicked Secretary. Mumfie’s quest to 
bring peace and happiness back to the island takes him to the bottom of the ocean. New 
friends, more mystery pirates!

Mumfie's Quest Book 4: A Treasure Beyond Price
The final chapter of the Mumfie’s Quest story series, Mumfie discovers a magic cloak of 
dreams. The adventure brings a joyful farewell to the Queen and his return home 
knowing, at last, the true meaning of a treasure beyond price!

Mumfie and the Snowbird: The Legend of Mumfie’s White Christmas
Mumfie’s Christmas wish is to have snow in the little wood where he lives with the 
friends he made in Mumfie’s Quest. He is told by the mysterious Black Cat that he must 
travel north to the cave of the North Wind. His journey, with loyal friends, Scarecrow 
and Pinkey becomes stranger than they ever imagined and the adventure brings new 
friends, laughter and a wonderful surprise.

from the press release:

Britt Allcroft, Award-Winning creator of the world famous 
children’s entertainment properties: Thomas & Friends, Shining 
Time Station and Britt Allcroft’s Magic Adventures of Mumfie
comes to Premier Digital Publishing with the launch of Britt 
Allcroft’s Magic Adventures of Mumfie: Mumfie’s Quest eBook
series and a digital first holiday eBook, Mumfie and the 
Snowbird: The Legend of Mumfie’s White Christmas

Five eBooks available now for Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble 
Nook, Apple iBooks, Kobo, Sony Reader and Google Play
(Los Angeles/New York/Toronto) December 11, 2012  - Premier Digital Publishing 
announced today the launch of the beloved children’s series  Britt Allcroft’s  Magic 
Adventures of Mumfie – Mumfie’s Quest  as  eBooks by award-winning  author  Britt 
Allcroft, notable creator of Thomas & Friends and Shining Time Station. Britt Allcroft’s
Magic Adventures of Mumfie,  based on the works of Katharine Tozer, first came to 
television in the 1990’s to international acclaim in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Japan from critics and viewers alike. Mumfie has returned with an 
extensive series of new eBooks for fans of all ages, to delight, entertain and educate a 
whole new generation of readers.

Britt Allcroft is a household name in the children’s entertainment industry, as creator of 
a trio of world famous children’s entertainment properties – Thomas & Friends, Shining 
Time Station,  and  Britt Allcroft’s Magic Adventures of Mumfie. Britt is responsible for 
introducing Thomas to children worldwide. Britt’s goal with storytelling for children and 
her work is characterized by combining  adventure; fun and compassion with themes 
that help promote self-esteem and loving kindness. This is Britt’s first release with 
Premier Digital Publishing.

"My wish is to help make children happy through storytelling. I think in  today's 
challenging world, the nurturing power of stories is more important than ever,” said Ms. 
Allcroft.  “I'm delighted to be working with PDP to introduce the Mumfie stories to 
young children and the grown-ups who are still young at heart."
Thomas Ellsworth, Premier Digital Publishing CEO commented, “I am pleased to 
welcome such a seasoned and multi award-winning children’s author and entertainment 
producer to Premier Digital Publishing. Britt’s  Magic Adventures of Mumfie eBooks 
represent an exciting opportunity for existing fans of the Mumfie brand, such as my
family, and for fans of the new digital generation to experience Mumfie’s adventures in 
a whole new way with our eBooks.”

About the Author:
Britt Allcroft is the award-winning creator of a trio of world famous children’s 
entertainment properties – Thomas & Friends, Shining Time Station, and Britt Allcroft’s 
Magic Adventures of Mumfie. On TV at the age of 16, Ms. Allcroft was hired by the BBC 
where she trained as a writer/director where she went on to create many shows for 
British television including  Dance Crazy, Junkin,  and Mothers by Daughters.  She has 
worked with actors, musicians and dancers both in the London Theater and in the US 
where she now lives.
Britt’s priority remains with storytelling for children and her work is characterized by 
combining adventure, fun and compassion with themes that help promote self-esteem 
and loving kindness.  Britt Allcroft’s Magic Adventures of Mumfie, based on the works of 
Katharine Tozer, first came to television in the 1990’s to international acclaim in the US, 
UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Japan  from critics and viewers alike.  
Now Mumfie is back with an extensive series of new eBooks to satisfy existing Mumfie 
fans that are now grown and to a delight a whole new generation of readers.

About Premier Digital Publishing:
Premier Digital Publishing is a leading independent digital publisher and innovator in 
eBooks, enhanced eBooks and interactive content. Led by a team of digital media 
pioneers, the company ranks among the top publishers of quality eBook entertainment 
to the industry’s leading tablet and eReader manufacturers and eBook retailers. The 
company is based in Los Angeles with offices in Toronto and New York.

courtesy of the publisher and NetGalley, we've received a copy of
Mumfie's Quest Book 1: The Beginning of Things
we will review it on this blog as soon as possible.  I grew up with Shining Time Station and Thomas & Friends and can't wait to finish this book!

Stay tuned!

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