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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Alibi's Ghosts!
L.S. Hullinger

received from author for honest review

synopsis (from Amazon.com)

Alexandra ‘Alibi’ Vernon is the eleven-year-old daughter of a psychic medium whose behavior is repeatedly influenced by kids from the Other Side. From building sub sandwiches in her sleep to sneaking into a stranger's attic, Alibi has her innocence challenged on a regular basis. Since her mother is fairly new at medium work, she only schedules two readings a week. However, this particular week, she accidentally schedules five readings, five days in a row. During this time, each child from the Other Side has a mysterious clue for Alibi to unravel, and she begins to notice each clue is connected in some way with the other readings. With a bit of ghostly charade playing, lots of trouble dodging, and the help of her deceased relatives: Grandpa Edgar and Cousin Kyle, along with her living but scaredy-cat best friend, Daisy, Alibi is able to solve the mystery and help all five grieving parents simultaneously.


This is an incredible ghost story.  Ali's mom is a medium. Ali has the ability to 'tune into' the ghosts and gets messages from them.  She is helped by her Grandpa and cousin, both of whom were killed in an auto accident.  Well, Ali and her friend Daisy have to piece together the clues left by the ghosts and Grandpa to help save a local bookstore from closing.  
This book was great fun!  The ghosts were more friendly than frightening.  Ali and her friend Daisy were great characters.  They are best buddies but have the ability to argue and disagree like normal friends do.  
I was kept hanging until the very end, although, looking back I should have been able to figure out the message the ghosts were sending to Ali.

What a fun book!  If you like ghost stories, this book will certainly keep you entertained.   This is a perfect middle grade school age book.  As most of the characters, with the exception of Dad, are girls, I think girls will like this more than boys.  Perhaps in a future book (if there are any?) Ali and Daisy could encounter a new male friend, or male ghost friend to help solve the mysteries.

I give this book 5 ice cream cones

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